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A special collection of Star Wars episodes from's general geek podcast, The 602 Club. Join host Matthew Rushing and his ever-changing panel of guests as they discuss that galaxy far, far away.
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Sep 18, 2015

As Return of the Jedi faded from theaters in late 1983, Star Wars fans entered what would become known as the “Dark Times.” Toys began disappearing from the shelves and slowly Star Wars faded into the cultural zeitgeist.

Before faint whispers about Special Editions and Prequels, Heir to the Empire awakened a hunger for Star Wars that had been just under the geek surface for years. It was the first book to be licensed by Lucasfilm to continue the story after Return of the Jedi. Bringing back Luke, Leia and Han as well as introducing us to Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Talon Karrde, and a plethora of others who would become staples of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, cemented Timothy Zahn, for fans, as the second coming of George Lucas.

The SWEU flourished with varied success over the 23 years it ran, ending when Disney acquired Lucasfilm and announced that the EU would be reorganized in the Legends line and a new official run of canon books and comics would be forthcoming.

In this episode, Matthew Rushing is joined by intrepid Rebels Bruce Gibson, Darren Moser, and John Mills to talk about Star Wars Aftermath. We discuss the old SWEU and the the new canon, a new hope, characters, small cameos, things we liked, ask a question, the Amazon issue and wrap up with ratings and final thoughts.

Originally published as The 602 Club 47: We’ll Always Have Endor

Sep 12, 2015

Force Friday saw not only the release of Star Wars toys, but also the release of some Star Wars books. In this episode, Jedi Masters Matthew Rushing and John Mills dive into some of these. We talk about Weapon of the Jedi about Luke, Moving Target, which is Leia’s story, and Smuggler’s Run, a Han and Chewie adventure. While each one of these books takes place in the Original Trilogy era they each include clues to the upcoming movie The Force Awakens. As we dissect each book we look for the clues as well as consider how each story adds to the canon knowledge of Luke, Leia and Han, ending with our final thoughts and ratings.

Originally published as The 602 Club S8: How to Add to Canon.

Aug 27, 2015

As May 19, 2005, approached, Star Wars fans eagerly awaited what was believed to be the last film in the Saga. The end had come and the only question was whether it could satisfy the imaginations of a generation.

In this episode, Matthew Rushing is joined by Jedi Masters Bruce Gibson and John Mills to talk about Revenge of the Sith. We discuss our Episode III experiences, the end, personal themes, the fall of Anakin and the Republic, speculation about Episode VII, in light of The Clone Wars, Mustafar scene, missing scenes and our ratings.

Originally published as The 602 Club 45: More Than a Feeling.

Jul 15, 2015

In this supplemental episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing and John Mills welcome author Christie Golden to talk about her book Star Wars: Dark Disciple. We discuss her Star Wars story, favorite characters, researching The Clone Wars, things that stood out to her, Obi-Wan, Yoda and the Council, a moral quagmire, personal arcs, favorite and hardest things to write, Vos, the writing process, love and death, eras to write and where to find Christie online.

Originally published as The 602 Club S7: The Still Small Voice

Jul 14, 2015

After The Phantom Menace, many fans wondered just what would happen in the upcoming Star Wars movie. And with the release of the title, there was massive speculation that the hallowed Clone Wars would finally be seen on the big screen.

In this episode, Matthew Rushing and intrepid Jedi Masters John Mills and Bruce Gibson discuss Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones. We actually start the show giving our thoughts on the latest Batman V Superman trailer, then we jump into our Episode II experience, the wunderkind, Obi-Wan being like Qui-Gon, John outdoing himself, the spiral down, the love story, a vast galaxy, the dark side, questioning Dooku's truth-telling, one last question and our ratings.

Originally posted as The 602 Club 39: Friends in Low Places

Jul 12, 2015

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm in the fall of 2012, it marked the end of The Clone Wars. Since it’s demise, Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo have worked tirelessly to find the best venue for all the displaced stories that were in development. It is no surprise that one of these untold stories has found its way into a novel.

In this episode, Matthew Rushing and John Mills dive into the latest edition to the Star Wars canon Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. We discuss a little bit of the history of the book, the writing style, what happened to redemption, Windu, a canary in the coal mines, worthy Jedi, could the story have been about Obi-Wan, foreshadowing, reconciling Yoda, the Jedi Code, an Obi-Wan question and just how good the book is. 

Originally published as The 602 Club S6: Doom of the Jedi.

Jun 25, 2015

Disney has given Star Wars fans a Summer surprise by airing the premiere for Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels before if comes back for the rest of the season in fall.

In this episode, Matthew Rushing is joined by fellow rebel John Mills to break down the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 premiere. We discuss our first reactions, the weight of Vader, an Inquisitor question, what the heck happened to Darth Maul, being in an Empire Strikes Backs state of mind, Lando, the apprentice lives, bringing Obi-Wan in, who survives, more character discussions, Ezra, the music in the show, and our final thoughts.

Originally published as The 602 Club Supplemental 5: Holy Shiitake Mushrooms!

Jun 24, 2015

In 1999, the dark times for Star Wars fans came to an end. George Lucas, inspired by the work of Steven Spielberg on Jurassic Park, decided that technology had caught up to his vision for the Prequels. When the movie was released the reaction of the public was varied to say the least.

In this episode, Matthew Rushing is joined by Bruce Gibson, John Mills, and Michael Schindler to talk about The Phantom Menace. We look back at our Episode I experiences, going backward in the timeline, new and old, Qui-Gon, Ewan McGregor, Yoda, symbiosis, music, production, and our final thoughts.

Originally published as The 602 Club 36: House of Cards in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Jun 1, 2015

Podcasting can be a lonely business, sometimes you're just not sure who is listening or what they think about the show. At other times podcasting puts you in touch with the coolest, most wonderful people you'd never have met otherwise.

In this very special episode, Matthew Rushing and John Mills are joined by ILM’s Nic Anastassiou, who is also a 602 Club listeners. Nic works for ILM and was also an editor on The Clone Wars. We discuss with Nic our first contact, his coming to Star Wars, a toy story, the path to ILM, editing with Dave and George, his journey to The Clone Wars, favorite edits and moments, what makes The Clone Wars special, different ways to view the show, last moments with George and finding Nic online. 

Originally published as The 602 Club 32: Three Boys Playing With Toys.

Apr 20, 2015

It will be a weekend long remembered, April 16th-19th, 2015, with a longer look at Episode VII and our first look at Rebels Season 2. In this episode Matthew Rushing is joined once again by John Mills to talk about both trailers, sharing our reactions, speculation, and shear joy over what we have seen. 

Originally published as The 602 Club Supplemental 3: This is the Trailer You're Looking For.

Apr 13, 2015

The Prequels. The Clone Wars. The Jedi. Unexplored time periods. The expanded universe then and now. The Holiday Special. Special Editions. The new films. Comics. Digital releases. If it’s Star Wars, Matthew Rushing and John Mills cover it in this rare vintage served up by Ruby in The 602 Club. It's a conversation of love and laughs about the entire saga of Star Wars.

Originally published as The 602 Club Supplemental 2: He's George Freaking Lucas.

Mar 13, 2015

In October of 2012 it was if millions of voices suddenly cried out in joy, followed by agony, as we learned that Disney bought Lucasfilm and with that came the cancellation of The Clone Wars. Soon afterwards Disney, announced it was creating a new animated show, helmed by The Clone Wars Supervising Director Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg that would chronicle the beginning of the Rebellion.

In this episode Matthew Rushing is joined by fellow Rebels John Mills and Tristan Riddell to talk Star Wars Rebels season one. We discuss our reactions to the news The Clone Wars was cancelled as well as our initial impressions of Rebels, the struggle for shows to survive in today's TV market, continuity, the Lando episode, the progression of villains, the characters, the huge ending, music, links to Luke Skywalker and our ratings.

Originally published as The 602 Club 21: Crying Droid Tears.

Dec 6, 2014

Fans around the world were beside themselves when they learned that George Lucas had sold Lucasfilm to Disney, who immediately announced that they were going to be continuing the Star Wars saga on the big screen. 

Now the first look at the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens is here and with it the speculation wars have begun. In this episode Matthew Rushing is joined by John Mills, Will Nguyen, and Daniel Proulx to dissect 88 seconds of Star Wars. Together they discuss the things they like, things they don't, speculate on the story and how they feel about the film now.

Originally published as The 602 Club Supplemental 1: Is It Up?

Oct 24, 2014

Dive into the new Disney Star Wars Universe with Matthew Rushing, John Mills, Mike Schindler, and Jaime Sanchez. Together they discuss Episode VII, the first time they heard the news about the new trilogy, the rumors, and setting expectations. From there they dive into the new Disney XD show Star Wars Rebels, talking about first impressions, things that worked and didn't, along with hopes for the future of the show.

Originally published as The 602 Club 1: Man Tears.

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